Thursday, January 19, 2017

Upcycled Clearance Items

Check out this lovely upcycle from Lynne!!! I LOVE this!!
Thank you Lynne!

Hi Everybody....
Hope your new year is going well!
I especially love this time of year....
'cause the clearance area at TJ Maxx is HUGE!
Oh the FUN to paw around to see what I could find!

Here is my upcycled project using one of those $2 items.

1. Remove stickers.
2. Paint box with Ivory ~ High Impact paint.
3. Dab new paint with burlap for textural look.

4. Lather on Crackle Paint.
5. Mix Micro Beads with Multi Medium
and apply through Wonky Circle Stencil.

6. With Pipette, apply Glimmer Glam and
while still wet spritz with Precious Metals Glimmer Mist
to spread.

7. Adorn with Button, Flower and chippie.
8. Finish by stamping verbage on cardstock.

Here are a few more photos of my creation....

Thank you for stopping by and having a peek at my creation!

Do you shop the clearance section for you creative goodies???

Other Products Used:
Tattered Angels
Glimmer Glam ~ Bon Bon & Caspain Sea
Glimmer Mist ~ Precious Metals

Wonky Circle

DecoArts Media ~ Crackle Paste
Ranger ~ Multi Medium Matte

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Creative Carte Blanche January Challenge!

 Hello there! 
So happy to be here today on my own blog with an actual creation! 
I have been in such a slump lately...every time I went to try and create something, 
my mind went blank and I felt like I had lost all of my mojo! 
It's starting to come back, whew! 
Starting to feel that creative itch again! 

This month's theme for Creative Carte Blanche was a little challenging for me as I live in Florida. 
We joke about winter and how it forgot us this year.  
Sure, we have had cold weather, but this year, it's been about THREE whole days.
That's it...I LOVE cold weather...not the freezing kind, but the cool kind. 
Right now, we are running in the mid to upper 80' and sticky! yuck. 
Send some colder weather my way please!!! hehehe. 

Okay, on to my 'flat' shaker card! 
 To start off with, I embossed the snowflake stamps with Iridescent Sparkle embossing powder.  
After I let that cook, I inked over that with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink. 
Then, stamped the snowflakes with Tumbled Glass all around the area that was embossed. 
After that, spray some Heidi Swapp Iridescent Color Shine. 
It adds that nice texture look from the reaction with the Distress Ink, but it also shimmers. 
(hard to see in photos)
Next, cut a piece of transparency a little smaller then your inked piece. 
Adhere the transparency to the front of your inked piece using scor-tape or ATG adhesive. 
(Don't seal the top just yet. 
Once you get the transparency adhered, pour some white or clear glitter into the pocket. 
Not to much, as you don't want to bulk out the card. 
Once that is done, take some pretty Washi Tape and create a border all the way around the card. 
This will also seal the top. 

As you can see below, the card is very flat. 
Kind of nice, so it won't add much postage if any. 

So...I hope you enjoyed my take on Baby, it's cold outside! 
I would love to go and play in snow for the day! 
A day would be just fine, as I am terrified to drive in the stuff, lol. 

I hope you all have a great week! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
Don't forget to share your work with us over on the Creative Carte Blanche Blog...
we LOVE to see what you do! 
We will have more fun later this week! 
Until next time! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Making Waves by Tonya Gibbs

Hi everyone! Doesn't this journal page just make you want to go to the beach???
It does me! It is one of the most relaxing, inspiring places for me! 
Thanks Tonya for this amazing page and video!!! 

Making Waves Art Journal Page by Tonya Gibbs YB ART Girl #YBARTGIRL #MixedMedia #ArtJournal

Happy New Year everyone! 
I got to bring my New Year  in on the beach, and felt inspired to create a
journal page from this great stamp from Yvonne's collection.

For today's post, I'm using Yvonne's special Journal in 4x8.

Here is a quick 15 minute video on how I created this page:

I wanted to keep this page simple, and let the quote speak for itself.
 So I printed a moon image from the internet, and painted myself
a giant wave!  Here you can see the texture left behind by the thick paint and the variations of paint color.  I love the contrast of the copper embossing powder on the sea foam greens.
Making Waves Art Journal Page by Tonya Gibbs YB ART Girl #YBARTGIRL #MixedMedia #ArtJournal

Here is a final glimpse at the Journal Page.   You can see the moon peek-a-booing out of the far left corner.  It is hard to tell what it is at first glance, but I know what it is.

I really believe that you have to sometime make a few waves to make a difference in your life every now and then.  If we move through life afraid to shake things up, then we never seem to get anywhere.  This page will serve as my reminder to not be afraid to ride one of those waves and see where it takes me! I hope you enjoyed this page. Thanks for hanging out with me today, I hope you had fun, and learned a few new techniques.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Your COLOR for 2017

These cards are stunning! Beautiful! Gorgeous!!! I love all the texture and I'm
absolutely am in love with Kraft right now!!! hehehe...
Thanks Lynne!

The "color" experts have forecast the colors for 2017
for fashion
home decor
and everything under the sun!

As I began to ponder my "color"
I researched a few sites.....
then my grandson showed up with his
Princess Leia Can Head Star Wars Play-doh

So....then all I could think of was creating with
my chosen color!

I decided to whip up a bit of background paper!
I had a piece of Kraft Cardstock
that already had some gesso on it
and other misc colors.
So I chose to add MORE!

I applied TCW Clear Gesso through a stencil
then I spritz and splattered the paper.

When it was dry, I cut the "new" paper into ATC's
and let the creative process begin......

I pulled out my container of odds and ends paper and textiles. ('TOVERS)
and a few flowers...
however after I created my first ATC
I realized it would be better suited
adorning the face of a card.

I chose Yvonne Blair Design/IOStamps
Everyday Quote #2
to be placed on each of my ATC's!

I hope you have enjoyed my study of
my Color of the Year
Tattered Angels ~ Black Orchid ~ Chalkboard Mist
I know I sure did!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Be YOU! always Be you! Creative Carte Blanche!

 Hello everyone! 
Here we are doing our last challenge of 2016! 
Can you believe it? Where did the year go? 

I think we all LOVE music. 
Somehow it touches our souls, inspires us, makes us remember things.
It can pull emotions from us in the blink of an eye. 
I love that this months theme was to be inspired by lyrics...

I have a song that I have taught to, listened to over and over and find very thought provoking. 
I want to share it with you.

Colby Caillat's "TRY". 

It really made me stop and think the first time I heard it, and I went home that night and watched the video.  I watched it three times...the whole time thinking wow...what a powerful message. 
To inspires me to Be who we are...embrace that, don't hide it. 
So here is my little piece of home decor that you could hang anywhere and remind yourself to 
Be You and SHINE! 
 I found a small hanging piece of home decor with the wire already attached.
It's wasn't my cup of tea, but I knew I could alter it.  Do you ever find stuff like that?
I find it at places like TJ Maxx, Goodwill, thrift shops, garage sales, etc.

I used Multi-Matte Medium to adhere the paper to the wood right over the existing art work .
I tore some scraps and cut out some roses and attached them using the same process.
I used some Thickers and sticker letters along with one of Heidi Swapp's gold words.
Simple and easy peasy!
Definitely you could do you own thing and use as a hostess gift or a message to someone who you want to inspire!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you will join in and share your work over on Creative Carte Blanche blog!  Have a great week! Till Next time! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's beginning to look...

Look at these darling things! You could use them as ornaments, tags, packaging embellishments and more! Thank you Lynne!


This year, I have been on a Creative Christmas Roll!!
I've made "Bag Tags"
A Merry Banner
A Christmas Stocking
and now these little DARLINGS.

I was digging around in my box of "stuff"
and came across these 2 tin hearts!

I had a piece of book page from a dear friend in Norway,
'TOVER (leftover) leaves and a Tattered Pinecone ~ Rose,
a bit of Red Wagon acrylic paint
a dab of Polishing Plaster 
a Screen Print stencil
finished off with vintage lace and
words from my heart....

Pop on over and see how I created my Two Hearts.

THANK YOU for stopping by.....
....and I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
and a HAPPY HOLIDAY season!'s in the HEART!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wooden Ornaments by Tonya Gibbs

OH MY GOSH! Don't you just love this??? I need to get me some of those wood chips! 
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 
Thank you Tonya! 

Wooden Ornament by Tonya Gibbs for Yvonne Blair Designs #iostamps #ybartgirls

Oh I love home crafted Christmas ornaments. Every year I try and make a few new ornaments for my tree. This has become a tradition that my family looks forward to each year. Today, I would like to share with you one of  this year's new designs using Yvonne's Compass stamp from Impression Obsession.

 You can also use several of Yvonne's other stamps, I give you some ideas in the video link below.

For the base of the ornament I'm using these wooden shapes I grabbed at a local craft shop. This bag was under $5 and as you can see we will be able to make lot of ornaments.

I filled in the knots on the wood with Modeling paste so that I can get a smooth surface  for stamping.  You can leave these natural with  a white wash of gesso or you can paint them if you like.
In the video below, I will share with you two versions that I created, so that you can decide which technique you like best.   But both are gorgeous.

Wooden Ornament by Tonya Gibbs for Yvonne Blair Designs #iostamps #ybartgirls

It was easier to add the foiling  on the chalkboard version because the paint helped to make the surface smooth.  But if natural look is what you like, I think it turned it nice as well. It is just harder to see the foiling.  If you decided to go with this technique, I suggest bold and heavy designs for your stamping. Thick and large fonts will show up better.

Wooden Ornament by Tonya Gibbs for Yvonne Blair Designs #iostamps #ybartgirls

Here is the video sharing how I did the technique.

Watch on YouTube
Wasn't that fun?   I want to make a bunch these. They would be great to add to packages, and share with your friends and family.  Or create a set and give them as a gift.  Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

An Experiment by Lynne Forsythe

You will love this from Lynne!
I know I love getting knew products and getting to play and experiment.
I love the way Lynne's art is so geared towards nature and texture!

I sure do!
I LOVE exploring how they work and interact with other products.
As I spoke about in my last post
I received a package of the
NEW Ken Oliver Crafts ~ Color Burst
Moroccan Shades
I knew that due to the nature of the product
layering mediums onto of them can be tricky
so I set out to see how it would work!

I began my creation by layering on a bit of White Stucco
with my palette knife. 
I then used a Catalyst Wedge and ran it through the stucco
to create more depth and texture.
When dry I applied the Color Burst
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Scarlet

When dry, I applied a layer of Multi Medium Matte
quickly and thickly.
I then applied a bit of gesso with a palette knife.
NOTE: the thick layer of MMM worked AWESOMELY
as there was no bleed through the gesso.

One of my favorite elements in my piece is the
Wild Rose colored with
Cerulean Blue
Cadmium Scarlet
with a touch of Gamboge.
FINISHED off with just two words

I use this stamp set A LOT you see all those AMAZING

Lately, I've been integrating a lot of nature in my pieces
this one is no exception!

Birch Bark and Sticks

Here are two more of my creations....
from my experiments!

 I used
from the same collection of stamps and the