Saturday, December 20, 2014

CC3Challenge 18...

Welcome back for Compendium of Curiosities Challenge 18!
This weeks challenge is featuring pocket pages! 
We did the Worn Cover challenge on October 11 as you might remember. 
Now we can share the inside of the book! 
I am still working on mine but I did get a few pages done for you to see. 
If you want to play along you can find the information you need on page 36 of 
Compendium of Curiosities Vol. III.  
If you still need to get a book to play along you can do that here
Tim and Mario will get it in the mail to you as soon as they can and it will be signed! 
If you play along and follow the rules for the challenge you will be eligible to win some fabulous prizes! Tim and Mario donated lots of great prizes! 
And the sponsor this week is The Funky Junky who donated a gift certificate for your shopping pleasure! 
Okay...on to the challenge!
Here is a peek at the pages I have done so far. 
My husband and I went on a 7 night cruise in November. 
Each tab will represent the day of the cruise...
I like the idea of having the book go in a chronological order. 

 Below I included a picture of the book so you can see how the pages look with the tabs.
Love those...I need to get (lots) more, hehehe. 

 Page one is interactive with the flip up made out of a tag.  
I inked the tag with Broken China and Peacock Feathers Distress ink. 
Stamped it with my favorite speckle stamp and the compass stamp. 
I then tucked the tag in and just folded it down to create the flip. 
The picture of my hubby and I are as we were waiting to sail away from the port. 
It was a rainy day...but we were embracing the imperfections and enjoying anyway. 

 The next page in the book is keeping our cards from the ship. 

 On the backside some journaling about the beginning of our adventure as well
as a picture of our room number. 
 I saved all the paperwork that we were given and one of them had the listing of things that went on each day aboard ship...I cut them apart and used this to document each day!!! 
 The next pages are the beginning of day two.  
I was attending the Teresa Collins event as well as doing a Ranger project on one of the days. 
This is were I included the itinerary we were given in our welcome bag and a group picture. 
 Then it's on to the the ship's itinerary. 
While I was involved in scrapbooking part of the cruise, my hubby was exploring the ship and the casino! 
This is as far as I have gotten, but I will tell you I love having the different size pockets in the pages!
It makes it really fun to mix things up! 
I hope you will give this challenge a try and see how much fun you can have in mixing things up!
Don't forget to leave a comment on each of the Curiosity Crew's blogs and follow the rest of the rules you can find here
Thank you Linda Ledbetter for all your hard work on this challenge! 
I absolutely LOVE being able to share my creations with you and with the amazing girls on the Crew! 
Can' wait to see what y'all guys are really creating some fabulous art and making it so fun to hop around and visit your blogs! 
Thanks for stopping by and I certainly hope you each have a very Merry Christmas. 
If you are traveling be safe and enjoy your time with your friends and family! 
Till next time...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wintery Delight...

 Hello everyone! 
Very excited to have a tutorial over on the Ranger Blog today on how to create this monochromatic card and background.  I hope you will click on over and check it out! 
AND...if you would like to purchase any of the supplies for this card you can find them over at 
Inspiration Emporium! AND if you use the code "inkgirl" you will get 10% off you order!!! 
Hehehe...that's fun right! 
AND if your local you can swing by She Scrapbooks and find supplies there! 
Thanks for stopping by...Click here to visit Ranger's Blog! 
Until next time! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

CC3Challenge 17...I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas!

Hello and welcome back! 
Can you believe we are exactly half way through the book???

I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments that you leave.  
I was away on a cruise during the last challenge, I have read them all and I just cannot respond to each one as much as I would LOVE to.  I love reading them and linking to your blogs to see what you are up to! I would also like to thank all of you who are playing along! 
We (the Curiosity Crew) LOVE seeing what you create! 
You all inspire us as have been blowing us away with your creative styles...I know we all wish you could all be winners of prizes, but you are ALL winners in our books just for playing along and maybe trying new things!  
This weeks challenge is to work with Woodland and Tinsel Twine which can be found on page 60 of Compendium of Curiosities Vol. III.  If for some reason you don't have this inspiration filled book can still buy it here.  Tim will even sign it for you! 
Also a HUGE thank you to our fabulous sponsors.
Tim and Mario donated LOTS and LOTS of prizes to be given away throughout the challenge. 
This weeks sponsor is Inspiration Emporium...they donated a $50 gift certificate!!!

Okay...on to the challenge! 
I need to apologize for the pictures..
It was so very difficult to get a picture without I should have said impossible. 
I tried and tried and tried some more to no avail. 
So I tried to pic the best of the worst, wink. 
I will not go into the technique itself in respect to Tim and his book, but I will share with you how to I created this display. 
Okay...if your candle lover like me you probable have some of these things at your fingertips. 
I save the jars and lids from my Bath and Body Works Candles
(well to be honest any jar that is kind of pretty or could be used for re purposing)
oops..back to the info.
I took two lids and a piece of transparency (medium weight) cut to 7x12. 
I attached the transparency to the first lid using a hot glue gun. 
I then adhered the trees to the lid (on the inside) using same hot glue gun. 
Once that was set I poured Rock Candy Dry Glitter over and around trees. 
Added a pin with the ticket stub and then adhered the top lid on. 
Before I adhered the top lid I did use folded doilies to make it a little more shabby chic. 

The Ideaology pin was perfect to stick a ticket stub on to add some whimsy. 
The 25 is adhered using hot glue as well.  It really was the only thing that would work with the transparency (after many other tries and pieces of replacement transparencies, wink)

 This piece will go perfectly in my house where I have PINK and SILVER tinsel trees! 
Yes,  PINK is my happiest color.  
Much to my daughter dismay...lucky for me my hubby just doesn't care! 
He has learned to embrace the PINK in our house, wink. 
I sure hope you enjoyed your little stop here. 
To be perfectly honest this was probable the toughest of all the challenges so far. 
I just couldn't get my mojo flowing for this one...then I had a dream...
I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas and it just kind of came together. 
I can't wait to see what you all do...I so enjoy hopping from blog to blog. 
Please don't forget to follow the rules once you create your masterpiece! 
They can be found on the CC3Challenge homepage
Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy surfing around the Curiosity Crew's blogs!

If you would like to find these supplies and get started on your own Woodland and Tinsel project click over here to Inspiration Emporium.
Use the code "inkgirl" and you will get 10% off your order! Fun!
And if your a local girl stop by She Scrapbooks to find your supplies! 
Till next time...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art Journal page...

Two day in a row! 
I have been on an art journal kick.
Loving be able to just express whatever is on my mind. 
It's very freeing. 
I am using my Inky Art Journal to create in. 
It is 6x8. I love this size...very portable as well. 
I started by blending Broken China, Salty Ocean and Peacock Feathers all over that pages. 
While your inking your background the book lies perfectly flat when open. 
It's awesome for blending both pages at the same time...barely a seam. 
Anyway after the colors were the way I wanted them I took a the Harlequin and splatter stencil from Tim and blended more Peacock feather over the stencil.  
I was surprised by how well they appeared.  
Love being able to do monochromatic coloring and Distress Inks are the perfect ink for that. 

 Next I pulled out some of Tim's rubbings and added those. 
Butterflies had to make an appearance to I stamped those on a tag, blended Distress Ink and then "fussy" cut them out. Adhered them using Multi Matte...this stuff is amazing.
Once it is applied you can still work over it and it is invisible to the eye. 
Next, I stamped a sentiment and some crackle around the page. 
Printed some words out on Manila Paper with my printer, inked them, adhered them and then outlined them. 
The last touch was a bit of Stardust stickles to the butterfly wings.

I did the same thing to the page next to this one as far as the background is concerned. 
A place where I can go back and write some thoughts and feelings down. 
I really think I am going to love being able to keep these "truths" in one place. 
I have started many art journals and they are all works in progress..but this one has a specific meaning for me.  How many art journals are you working in right now? 
I cannot imagine just having one, wink. 
Happy day! Hope to see you back here soon!

If you would like to find the supplies used visit Inspiration Emporium here
If you use the code "inkgirl" you will get a 10% discount off your order! 
You can always wrap them and put them under the tree from Santa, hehehe. 
And if your local stop by She Scrapbooks to find what your looking for! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014 journal

Hello there! 
I am really super giddy to share this with you today! 
This is my Inky Art Journal! 
(they are available now!)
It comes with a plain chipboard cover for you to alter any way you like. 
I couldn't wait to have time to play. 
The first thing I did was tear some of Tim's tissue into pieces. 
I adhered them to the cover using Matte Medium.  
(love that stuff)
(think I need it by the gallons, lol)
Let that dry. 
Add whatever colors of Distress Paint you like. 
I used Broken China, Salty Ocean and Brass. 
All you need for this step is your finger, wink. 
Apply Distress paint to your craft sheet and then just finger paint it onto the cover, 
I like the way it is very sporadic and you can still see glimpses of the tissue paper. 
Use Ranger's Texture Paste and Tim's stencil to add texture 
and dimension.  Before the Texture Paste dried, I dumped Rock Candy Dry Glitter all over. 
Dumped the excess and then lightly patted the glitter into the paste. 
Very hard to see it in photos, but it really is sparkly!
 Cut the Layered Butterfly and emboss it out of Manila Paper. 
I blended on Broken China and Salty Ocean Distress INK, then swiped a bit of 
Distress paint on with my finger. Once that was dry I then added Stardust Stickles using my finger again...I could get it where I wanted it that way. 

 Then some Ideaology pieces were added.  
The Book Label was painted with Broken China Distress Paint and then a tad of Brass was added with yep you guessed it, my finger, wink. 
One of your best tools every! 
 The words were printed out on Manila Paper using my printer...then cut and inked. 
After adhering them I decided to help them pop a bit by covering them with Glossy Accents. 
Love me some Glossy Accents, wink...need that by the gallon as well. 
 The last little step was to add some of Tim's rubbings to the monocle and attach to the book. 
Hope you enjoyed this.  I plan on sharing many many of the inside pages as I go.  
This is going to be a journal where I keep truths to remind myself. 
If you would like to get any of the stash I used to create this you can find them at Inspiration Emporium.  If you use the code "inkgirl" you will even get a nice 10% discount! 
If you local you can always swing by She Scrapbooks! 
I certainly hope everyone has enjoyed their Holiday weekend here in the states.  
Christmas is fast approaching as my lovely daughter keeps reminding me! 
Hopefully you will come back for a visit next time! 
Until then...hugs. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

CC3Challenge 16

Hello there! 
Can you believe we are on Challenge 16?
It is going so fast! But oh so fun, wink. 
The challenge this week is Layering Stencil-embossing. 
Who doesn't just love Tim's Stencils...they are fabulous.
The material is just right, not to flimsy but not to stiff either. 
And he has so many great designs to boot!
You can find the technique on Page 50 of Compendium Of Curiosities III and if you haven't gotten yours yet, you still can order from Tim himself (even signed) and Mario will get it shipped right out to you!  What could be better then that? 
So if you play along and follow the few rules for the challenge you may win some goods. 
Tim and Mario have also donated a plethora of fabulous prizes as well.  
Fabulous stuff I tell you, hehehe.  
AND...the Funky Junkie is donating a very nice gift certificate. 

So, I am back to the burlap panels...I tell you I cannot get enough of those babies. 
I think I need to stock up...not hoard, just stock up. 
I would hate to run out of them, wink. 
I decided to go festive.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought it would be fun to have a little reminder to always be Thankful.  We are having Thanksgiving with our family that just moved here from Texas. 
I think this will be a nice little gift to bring and leave with them. 

I am not going to get into the details of the technique itself out of respect for Tim. 
Like I said you can find the technique itself on page 50.
 I will share that the leaves are cut from the Layered Leaf Die and embossed with the folder that comes with it.  I used the Distress Sprays to color them.  Just spray onto your craft sheet and swipe the leaf through...LOVE the coloration it gives...very vibrant.  
I also used some of Rangers new foil to accent a bit on the leaves.  
This was in Tim's tag this month and once I did it...well, I'm hooked...I want to foil everything! 

 Once all the die cuts were colored, they were arranged on the panel. 
Of course you have to have some Ideaology. 
It is a perfect way to finish anything off. 
I hope you enjoyed my "always be thankful" canvas. 
Make sure you visit each of the Curiosity Crew's blogs and leave a comment. 
(that's one of those little rules, wink)
You can go here to the fabulous Linda Ledbetter's blog and link to all the Crew and read up on the rules. 
Hopefully I will see you next time....have a great weekend and enjoy all the inspiration from the Curiosity Crew....we cannot wait to see what you share with us this time.  
You guys are rocking these challenges!!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tim Holtz November Tag...

Hello there.
I have been itching to participate in Tim's 12 tags of 2014 and 
FINALLY I was able to.  
Loved his techniques in this months tag...but he is always a creative genius, wink. 
If you haven't seen his tag can go here to see it and the step by step instructions.  
I tried to keep it as close to his as possible with the supplies I had on hand. 
A little different, but very similar..hehehe. 
Using the Cardboard was super fun and I LOVE the grungy effect that it gives. 
If you haven't tried the foil papers from Ranger to you LSS or online site and get them!
angels singing can be heard...wink.  
I am going to go peruse the Internet now and see what others have done with his masterpiece!
Thanks Tim for always inspiring, sharing and pushing us to explore our creative sides!
Supplies used:
Tim Holtz Layered Leaf
#8 Manilla Tag
Distress Paint:
Ripe Persimmon, Spiced Marmalade, Peeled Paint, Crushed Olive, Wild Honey. 
Distress Ink:
Walnut Stain, Spiced Marmalade and Ripe Persimmon
Distress Spray:
Walnut Stain, Tarnished Brass
Idealogy: Crinkle Ribbon, Work Bands, Chit Chat, Adornments Arrows, Alpha Parts Newsprint, Linen Ribbon and Index Labels. 
If you would like to get some of these supplies for yourself you can get them at Inspiration Emporium.  Use the code "inkgirl" for an extra 10% off your order! 
If you're local come see us at She Scrapbooks.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday gift in a pinch...

Super super excited to be over on the Ranger Ink Blog today! 

 We all need those quick and easy little gift ideas...have some of these on hand for any occasion. 
Just click here, wink. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

CC3Challenge 15!

Ack...can you believe we are already on Challenge 15?
It's a bit unreal to me...feels like we just started this yesterday! 
I hope you are enjoying yourselves and finding time to get inky, wink. 

This week's challenge sponsor is Inspiration Emporium who has donated a $50.00 Gift Certificate!
Wow...and if that's not enough we still have bunches of prizes that Tim and Mario donated! 
All you have to do to be entered for these fabulous prizes is follow a few little rules here when you post your project! Easy peasy, wink. 
Now if you don't have your very own copy of Compendium of Curiosity III, 
you can still order a signed copy from Tim and Mario will get it right off to you! 
Fabulousness I tell you...hehehe. 

Okay...on to the challenge.
This week it's all about Cabinet Card Pockets which is found on page 38.
I decided to do something similar to what Tim showed in CC3.
I decided I wanted to make a little something for my sister. 
She came along when I was 13 and I thought she was the best thing ever!
We have always had a special bond and it's only getting stronger. 
She is pregnant for the first time and I wanted her to know how I feel about her and "peanut."
He doesn't have a name just yet, so I gave him a nickname. 

I sanded the Cabinet Card lightly and blended on some Gathered Twigs Distress Ink. 
I also used one of our techniques from a previous challenge on one of Tim's Found Relatives. 
Love that technique, hehehe. 
Then it was just time to layer and embellish. Pretty easy stuff really. 

 The Cabinet Card is a pocket so I inked up a tag with Broken China, Salty Ocean and a little Gathered Twigs.  Stamped a message for my little "peanut" and added a few more embellies.
And yes...I love them both with my heart and soul. 
Cannot wait to get my hands on him. 
Sorry I digress. 
It really is as easy as that. I hope you all will decide to play along...I can't wait to see what everyone does...they are always so different and it is spreading SO much inspiration throughout our community! 
You guys are rocking these challenges and I know all of us at the Curiosity Crew are loving seeing all the entries.  

So what are you waiting for...get busy...pull our your stash and see where it leads you! 
I want to say thank you to the fabulous Ms. Linda Ledbetter
She is an amazing person and puts her heart and soul into making this challenge as fun as it can be for all of us..the Curiosity Crew and YOU.  
And to the Curiosity girls amaze me each week.  
I am so honored and blessed to be on this journey with you.  
Okay...I can't wait to see what they have done...
Till next time! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Textured Tutorial....

Hi everyone...I have a tutorial up over on the Inspiration Journal! 
I hope you will click on over and check it out! 
Learn how to create this rustic shabby background that this sign inspired me to try. 

See you over on at the Inspiration Journal. wink.