Monday, February 25, 2008

Catch up

Well, it's Monday. We had a very busy weekend--Friday night Bre and I met Nita, Syd and Jordan at a crop. We had a great time and I actually got a layout done. This is a great thing since I haven't done any since January. Hopefully I will make up for that at the retreat in March. Just around the corner now.
Saturday we went to Kidfetti with Rachel and her m0m. They (Bre and Rachel) had a blast---me, well lets just say I ended up with a migrane. But sometimes you have to do these things and let the kids have fun. They are only kids for a short time. I want her to have happy memories, of doing things with her mom. I want to enjoy every moment I can with her while she still wants me too.
Sunday went to work and started making new displays for the vinyl area---so excited about this new area. More to come on that later. Watch out for some pics.
I'm going to try and post some pics later of some of my stuff--wish me luck.


  1. Wow! You mentioned my name on your blog...I must be famous :) !!

    I'm actually impressed with the fact that you are actually blogging. Keep it up!

  2. i'm SO excited about next weekend... can BARELY contain myself. I've seen Michele & Nita (who I'm guessing may be the above anonymous poster :) in the last week or so, and it's only made me look that much more forward to it! :)

    Can't wait to see what you have in store!

  3. This is great.....I know everyone is excited about all the new and latest things going on in scrapbooking. The retreat this weekend was great! As always we had a great time and got a lot done. I like what you said about Bre, she is truly good inside and out! You are a lucky mom!

  4. Hey Yvonne!! I love that you have this blog site! Now I can talk to you anytime I want to! I can't believe little Bre is growing up so fast!! It's hard to believe she was my flower girl almost 10 years ago...where has all the time gone? I can't wait to see all your latest are sooo inspiring! I love and miss you so much! See you in June, love Jenn