Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CHA recap (LONG)

Okay, finally for the recap. Here it goes, hopefully I will not forget anything.
Autumn leaves, they had a new stamp line that stamps in layers with ink specially formulated for clear stamps. and other stuff but no new line from Rhonna was a bummer.
Around the Block. They had a new corner rounder that has different attachments and even cut through a magazine, that was pretty cool. They also have new embellishemts.
Bind it all AKA zutter--we ordered more of these as well as their new corner rounder, it is so cute and you guessed it PINK. this is the one I will be buying.
Fancy Pants had some great new transparency embellishments with glitter already on them. They also had new clear stamps, transparencies and other cool stuff.
Fontwerks--New clear stamps
Pink Paislee--this is a new company, they had a new line called office lingo. I loved it.
Kaiser Kraft--New and more bling, rub-ons and boy papers.
SEI--Really cute cute cute new paper. First time ordering from them in a really long time.
Making Memories--- They did it again. They have boy,girl,travel more noteworthy, clear stamps that will retail for I think $10.00(nice) and then of course the new SLICE. Yes we did order it. the bad thing is it won't ship until July.
Prima---Oh my gosh, I love Prima more each time. Gorgeous new papers and say it in crystals and clear tape and on and on. Also check out Prima Hybrid website--very interesting stuff there.
K and Co. ---When do they not do it good. and they didn't dissappoint. They have a new line called Sea something. Beautiful blues and greens. and can't rememberthe other stuff right now.
Moxxie-VEry cute themed stuff. Most fav was a pink and a blue horse line of stuff.
Ek ----Bunch of new Jolees and stickers, oh and scalloped JUMBO punches.
This is not all, but my mind is failing me now. There is alot all over the web to see pics. One of my favorite places to see some of the new stuff is http://www.lifetimemoments.com/ , They have great pics up in their message board area.
Anyway hope you liked what you've heard about so far. Can't wait.
Gonna go surf the web for a little while.


  1. You would think that since I am your BFF, I would have heard ALL about the new stuff before this! Go figure....I actually HAVE to read "the blog" to find out... :)! And I mean, Laguna beach???? Did anyone mention this to me before I mentioned that I read it on THE blog? Um, nope!

    Guess I am glad you have the blog, as I would never know what was going on in your life! HA!

  2. Also, can you tell I can't remember my google name so that I can leave a comment? I know, I'm lame...but I'm YOUR best friend...I guess that says a lot about you!

  3. can't wait to see what rolls in over the next few months... my gift card is slowly dwindling so i will have to start shopping weekly in small amounts ya know :)