Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm on the count down, 4 more work days and I'm on vacation. During this time I hope to get lots of scrapping done, my base boards painted, some home decor projects that have been put on the back burner and just some good old R&R. LOL. Bre does want to go the the beach ( which is perfect for picture taking ) and to the movies. I guess we will probably try to get these things in to. I really want to get some new pictures taken of her, one to practice my photography and the other reason of couse to scrap.
Hopefully I can get the new vinyl department pretty settled before I go. I do know that Glitz should be coming this week also. Really excited for the Roller Doodles to get here as well as their other stuff. Kristy, are ya coming in?? I don't think the Roller Doodles will let you stay away. lol. I will keep you updated on their arrival.


  1. OH, the roller doodles! I'm too excited! And, yes, the beach sounds wonderful..I'd like to get a few things done during that time, too, but alas, everything is conspiring against me. Oh, well! If I can at least get some more pictures, I will be completely happy!

  2. you've got me totally TOTALLY psyched! can't wait to see the vinyl section! i'm all over those glitz rollers! i hope to be in tommorrow.