Monday, March 17, 2008


It's Monday again. Where does the time go. Does it ever feel like your days off go so much faster then the days when your at work? It wasn't a bad Monday, just hectic.
But today I find myself being very grateful for my life, my family, my friends, just everything.
So I want to say to whoever might be reading this little blog of mine. Thank you. It feels so good to know that I have such great friends and family.
For those of you interested in what new products we have gotten into the store this week--
TERESA COLLINS, this will definitely not disappoint, she has four lines-two very girly, one called boardwald, and a journal it line. All very cool. We also got in Zach's Life from the little yellow bicycle company. Kristy you will like this one. Perfect for little boys. And Nita we got in the new Tim Holtz stamps. You probably already scooped them up on ebay though:)
We should have some of the new HEIDI SWAPP stuff in this week. I know that they will be shipping this week. woo hooo.
There will be more coming, so stay tuned.
Bre came in and edited my post and gave me the all clear to post. Isn't she sweet. Love her.


  1. I love you girls! I'm excited to see the new stuff next time I'm in the store, it's always so exciting to see what's "next" in the scrapbooking world! :)

  2. ooo. sounds like a trip during lunch is in order. julie was telling me about that new company. i'm excited to see. i'd love to see the new tim holtz stamps too! :)

    and i'm so with you on the off days going faster than the on days!

  3. Gotta get me some Tim Holtz stamps!! Woo hoo! Definitely sounds like a lunch time trip is in the near future....hmmmm...Maybe tomorrow?

    I could SO use another day off, or two, or twenty. I can never get everything accomplished that needs to get done during a weekend. Less alone have time for me!

    And, I am also thankful for my best friend! She's the absolute greatest. She's the greatest of greats! She is the most awesomest (I know this is not really a word) girl I know! (Ya gonna call me about those stamps, right? HA!)