Monday, April 7, 2008

My cutie patootie nephews...

Here are my nephews having a little fun on Easter. It is hard to believe one of them is already in college. I fondly refer to them as"my boys".


  1. OK, now you are scaring me! I can't believe how creative you have been lately! Maybe I can borrow you for a bit? I have some things I need done :)!

    Seriously, I love the LO!

  2. Yea, I second what Nita had to say...lolz. You havent done this much scrapbooking in a long time...not even at the crop lolz. You like to talk at the crops but I dont blame you, thats what I do at school...lolz...when we have time to talk. But great job on the layouts...ilyy mom! =) <3

  3. I love seeing you do "boy" pages! you do such amazing work, it's inspiring to see you do something in my "realm" :) so glad you are getting so much done! i'm sure you are enjoying the creative flow! :)