Wednesday, April 23, 2008

random thoughts...

Sitting here again today, Bre is still home from school sick. Haven't gotten to much accomplished other than scrapbooking stuff. I have been surfing the web, reading the message boards, looking at blogs and actually scrapbooking. I have to say it has been pretty nice, except for the sick part. It is just nice to be able to walk around my house and do whatever I want without having to worry about a schedule. We live in such a hurry up world, and I just don't tick that way. I do have to go back to work, but I think I am going to make a huge effort to start enjoying the little things more. I have realized that everything doesn't have to get done now. It will most definitely be there tomorrow, and if it isn't well I guess it just really wasn't that important in the scheme of things. Since we have been forced to stay in the house we have had a couple of really nice conversations. I am so proud of my girl. Yes, she is a preteen and is doing all the things that drive a parent crazy at times, but deep down she is an amazing person that I know will offer great things to the world. Something that made me so proud, she went online to her teachers websites and started doing all the homework she has missed. I didn't have to say a word, she did it on her own. I know I never would have done that at her age. She is feeling much better this afternoon, so we will be trudging out into the real world again tomorrow. Back to the schedules. Back to the hurry up world.

Today is also one very special little girls Birthday---so I want to send her a hug and tell her Happy Birthday. Sydnie, we love you and hope you have had a great 6th birthday. I feel so lucky to have my bff and her 2 little girls in my life. They are family to me, and I hope they know that.


  1. awww....thanks mom... <3
    I just didn't want to have a pile as high as Mount. Everst of home work and make up work to
    SO i decided to do that part and get it out of the way...
    And thank you for believing in me!
    =] <3

  2. aww. you had me tearing up girl!

    you are very lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful & intellegent girl! she seems to have a good head on her shoulder's, and i'm sure she gets that from you!

    i'm glad you are slowing down to enjoy the little things in life! i tell my mom all the time that she can view it as a cop out if she wants, but i really do opt out of the dishes for reading time with mason :) (they are ALWAYS waiting for me later!!)

  3. Bre is an amazing girl! And I am so glad that she is in our lives. She is going to be a wonderful role model for my girls to look up to!

    Glad you had some productive time within the last few days, though being sick is not at all fun. At least you and Bre have been able to have some great conversations.

    I let Syd read the comments that you left on my blog for her. She was absolutely tickled!

    And, I'm really glad I have you and Bre in my life! There is nothing better than being able to have so much in common with my bff. Add to the fact, that my bff has an awesome daughter, who I absolutely LOVE! You two rock! Love you both!