Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, it's Sunday, last day of vacation:( We had a great vacation. First, didn't get sick. (this is a standing joke at work, I always seem to get sick.) Second, just had a relaxing time--no time constraints, just kind of went with the flow. Third, Got quite alot of scrapping done and I haven't burned out yet-lol. So all in all I would say this has been the best in years.

Today is the day we pick a winner for the stash it forward game. Breanna picked a name out of a bowl--drum role---"-------------- please email me your addy and I will get it in the mail this week. Hope you enjoy. (

I think I am gonna go scrap a little, will probably post pics later.
edited: first winner never emailed me so we picked another----Kimberly you are the winner!!!!!

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! That is so much happier than Evidence Rules!!!!!!!! :) Do you want my address, or can I just get it from you after exams when I see you??