Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday, woo hoo!

Just got back from having lunch with Julie and Gay. Lord, my stomach hurts from laughing so much, and well, overeating a little too. (just wish Nita and Kristy had been with us) Can't wait till the 13th to crop now. I know we will all have a great time and laugh our collective @$#@* off.
Went to see Julie's new grand baby. He's so cute and little. He is 7 days old today and he's already turning over on his side and trying to hold his cute little head up. He is such a strong one. Can't wait to post some of the pics I took.
Tomorrow we are heading to the east coast. I am gonna go stay with my mom and visit with her while DH catches up on some fishing with his dad. Then Sunday we have a cookout and April Birthday party at the in-laws. Monday I am hoping to be home and just rest and get ready for the next work week to start.
I hope to have some pics to work on, there is another contest I want to enter. I think I like this deadline thing. At least it is making me productive.
Went and tried to buy a cord for Bre's laptop today. WOW, I did not realize a replacement cord would be over $100. That is crazy, and I don't even know for sure that that is the problem. I think I am going to take it to a computer shop first. Someone told me if the internal battery is gone, I might as well just replace the whole darn thing. We will see. She is wanting a desk top anyway, we might just go that way. Birthday is coming, so maybe we can hold off until then.
Here is a picture from when we last went to the beach. Bo loves to chase the birds, and Bre had to join in.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoys the extra day off......if your that lucky:)

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  1. i'm so sorry i missed lunch! i'm glad you guys had fun though! can't wait to see pictures of julies new grandbaby. do you know i went in to griffins last saturday and the two girls up front said that they had to take a double take because they thought i was jodi! they were like "what are you doing here, you just had a baby!" i CANNOT wait until the 13th! hope you have a good weekend.. looking forward to those pictures!