Monday, June 2, 2008


I can't believe it's June. It seems this year is flying by. Summer starts officially Thursday afternoon for Bre, and she has mixed feelings about it. Glad for the break but realizing she is going to miss seeing her friends on a daily basis.

Thinking about having a yard sale this weekend, should I---shouldn't I, I think if I decide to someone should just shoot me now. I know this one will be the last. I hate doing them, but the florida room needs to be cleaned. It has turned into quite the JUNK room and Bre wants to have her Bday party there in July. She is going to be 13. Where did my baby go???? I so do not want her to grow up. I enjoy being a mom and spending time with her. I know it's gonna happen, just wish I could slow it down a bit. Sorry for the rambling. Not much else going on. I'm gonna leave you with a picture from last week when Nita and I took the kids out.
And I still can't believe it's June!!!!!!!!!lol.

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