Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, had the yard sale yesterday. I am so glad that is over, and that was the LAST time I will be doing one for a very very long time if ever again! The good news is the Florida room is almost cleaned off and we can actually use it as a game room now. Bre will love that. I just have to get DH to go through his "treasures" and purge some stuff and get the rest in bins and put in one of his two sheds. That will be the hardest part to get done. lol.
Also did alot in the house yesterday, I have a huge box for everyone to go through on Friday before the crop to see if they might want any supplies being passed on. I also have a box for the foster girls I worked with, so they will be able to scrap whenever they can where they live in the group home. If anyone has old stuff and would like to donate to them, just leave me a comment and I will get in touch.
And for the most exciting news of all...I am going to Creative Escape. I still am pinching myself. I cannot believe it. They have been sold out for months. I guess they had a few cancellations, Someone who I know called me and asked if I would like to go, she was picked in the lottery drawing and could bring one person with her. I still cannot believe she called me, so anyway we are headed to Arizona in September. Funny thing is it is the weekend before I do my retreat. Two weekends in a row of scrappin good times. Yeah, looking forward to September.
Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. I am off to work to start my week.
p.s. Kristy this is for you------GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. yvonne... OMG!
    Creative Escape. Heidi Swapp. Talking about rocking your scrap world! I'm soooo EXCITED FOR YOU! I bet you feel like you are in a dream or something! OMG! HOW TOTALLY COOL! We will be ready for all kindsa good info/gossip that next weekend!

    and you are too flippin sweet. totally made me smile! my mind has been going crazy. i'm trying to bust my butt on a few lo's. gonna bring 'em to you guys to help me pick next week! need some help sorting through my ideas on a alt/home dec project! :)