Saturday, July 26, 2008

scraproom again...

I had a few people ask to see pictures of my scraproom, so I pulled these pics off an entry from a couple of months age. Hope you enjoy. This is definitely my happy room.


  1. lol....wouldnt it be nice if your scraproom was still this clean! lol j/k
    like you keep saying if we do convert the garage into a scraproom either i get the garage as a scraproom or u move your stuff into the garage and i get your old room a a scraproom! =]
    lol ilyy

    --Mrs. Joe Jonas--

  2. Like Bre said, don't you wish it was still this clean? And, Bre, oh, please! If the garage gets converted, your mom's gonna have two scrapbook rooms!! ha!

  3. heyy Mrs.Blair!
    believe it or not iz Rachel O__O
    lol i wuv ur blog!
    its oh soooo cute ^.^

  4. lol oh mom dont worry i already want to doggy sit at home so be ready!! =]

  5. nice pic's of the room Yvonne, i wish i had a room instead of a space :-(. i'm excited about the retreat, it can't get here fast enough!!!! I hope to maybe see ya'll on the 8th. take care

  6. I just tried to leave Bre a little belated b-day wish on her blog, but was denied access. So tell her HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY from me....