Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mom is coming...

So happy!!!!My mom and step dad are coming over to spend the night. It has been along time since they came over for a visit. Can't wait till they get here!!! They are going to come to lunch with me tomorrow and meet all my friends. They are bringing Tanzie with them (this is their dog), should be interesting. Roxie travels with us to their house, but she has never had a canine visitor in her house. Should be fun!!!! Gotta go and finish straightening up and finish up the laundry. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
p.s.-I'm expecting a sneak peek of the new Heidi Swapp stuff anytime now, so as soon as I can I will share:)


  1. lol im wondering how roxie is gonna behave to!

  2. WOW! How exciting! I know you are totally pumped! :)

    Have fun! See ya tommorrow! :)

  3. So wish I could go to lunch tomorrow, but I know you understand.

    Oh, yes, the HKS stuff! Yeah! Don't forget about me :D

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom ~ and I think the last time they were here was during the hurricanes....Am I right? Is there like some kind of contest and I win something? :D