Sunday, July 6, 2008

New week...

Well, it's a new week. One day down, a few more to go. Bre is on the countdown for her birthday. Today she told me, "Mom, thirteen days and I will be thirteen." I don't know where the years have gone. My baby is going to be a teenager!!!! I am so not ready for this.
We went to the east coast over the weekend to see my mom, step dad, sister and brother in law. We went shopping on the fourth instead of watching fireworks. We went to the Sanford Mall. Loved it. It is definitely a mall to go back too. Anyway, we were in Dillard's and they had all their prom dresses marked way down. Mom wanted Bre to try some on. OMG, she looks so grown up, and yep she came home with one. lol. We found fabulous sales, and had a great time. Then went home and brother in law and step dad grilled for us. Such a nice day. Got up Saturday and went shopping again. My mom and sis definitely know how to shop. It was so much fun being with them, it made me a little sad we don't get to see each other more often. I still think of the east coast as home, but Ocala is home too. So confused.
Now I am looking forward to Friday. It's that time. We get to go meet the girls and crop. Yeah.
On the countdown...


  1. i'm on the countdown as well!!!

  2. Yea, on the countdown....better be able to find a babysitter! Stupid me! But, yEAH!

  3. lol Nita!!!
    I'm on the countdown as well.
    Can't wait....
    Well mom you should know I spent the whole day after we got home from work organizing my bag! lol
    I can't wait and michele wants to go to.
    Well again I will say, Im sooooo exciteddd!!!!! =)