Saturday, July 26, 2008

slowing down...

Not much going on around here, just working-cleaning-working-cleaning. I think you get the picture. Looking forward to the 8th and getting together with the girls. After that it will be full speed ahead getting Bre ready for her last year of middle school. We have already gotten most of the essential supplies already. She is now ready to start the annual clothes shopping adventure. I am not sure whether we will be going to Gainesville or Orlando. Either one will be good. We did Gainesville last year so maybe Orlando for something different. When we went to my Mom's we did make a trip to the Sanford Mall and picked up a couple of really cute outfits. So at least the process has been started. After School gets started I will be in full swing getting myself ready for Creative Escape and my scrapbooking retreat. My retreat is scheduled the weekend after Creative Escape, so things will definitely be in full swing for awhile. I am looking forward to the retreat I am doing because I have my right hand with me. (Bre) She is such a big help, and loves giving out prizes and helping me hand out the goody bags. She is sad that she can't go to CE with me, but I hope being able to go to the retreat will be some kind of compensation;). Anyway I know I have rambled on so I guess I will go find something else to keep myself entertained;) lol.

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  1. lol....i think we should go to orlando cuz we dont go there very often and it would be nice for a change. but i also think we should take lenore and rachel, that would be cool! do you think me you rachel and lenore could gi shopping together this time???
    It would be funn!
    And im sure you love leaving for trips not only because you fun but you like to get away from me for a little while. lol j/k
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

    --Mrs.Joe Jonas--