Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new look...

I am still debating on the new look. I love it, but the white is not growing on me. I wanted something a little more sophisticated and when I found this template I fell in love. I love black and white together (especially since there is a pink involved), I guess the white is so stark compared to what I am used to. Oh well, I am gonna live with it for a week and see how it goes. Do you like it??? Let me know!!!!
Three more days, and it is our monthly girls day. I cannot wait, I am so looking forward to some heavy duty giggling. It has been a rough week, I don't think I am the only one that has had a rough summer, but I am kind of glad to see this one almost over. Looking forward now to getting back on a schedule with Bre and some much COOLER weather. It has definitely been a scorcher this summer.
Also looking forward to seeing Kim again, she is finishing up her intern with the law office in Naples and heading back to Gator country for her last year. Time sure does fly.
Kristy you have my curiosity peaked, you need to spill soon.
Nita I hope you don't cancel on us again, maybe you should line a sitter up just in case:)
Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. I agree mom, the white is a little bright from what you are use to.

    But I will have to say I do like the layout. :]

    I am looking forward to seeing Kim to, I miss her.

    I am also looking forward to going to the crop this weekend, but I will have to get some sleep if I want to stay up late with you guys.

    It's just been hard getting to sleep! :[ Oh well. w/e

    I am so not ready to go back to school! :[

    It has been way to hott this summer.

    But on the layout subject again....

    I think maybe you should try the pink one and see how you like that one on here, but dont forget to save the code for this template into your notepad.

    But don't worry I will help you! [[ that is if you need help ]]. lol.

    Well ilyy.


  2. I like the look, but you're right...it's a little stark for you.

    And, I will definitely be there on Friday. You know I really need to get away!! Can't wait!!

  3. I'm liking the white, its very sophisticated ( but I did like the pink too!!) I hope to possibly be there on Fri. we'll see what happens. I totally know what you mean about the summer flying by, and how quickly the kids grow, Kyle will be a Senior this year...........YIKES!!! where did that time go????
    See ya soon........really looking forwrd to Sept. :-)

  4. I miss you girls too!!! It will be so nice to catch up with you!

    I love the layout, but I like white. I think it's easier to read, so I like that since I read all day at the office. :)

    Can't wait to see you soon, hugs to you both!

  5. I like it! The white doesn't bother me. LOL see! I'm reading! I come here every day and lurk. I've been to Nita's site a lot too! Can't get into Bre's. I'm looking forward to seeing you girls later this month. :) Leslie

  6. ooooo.... i like it!
    it's very "you". even if it is white... i like it!
    it def. screams sophisticated!!!

    my little "thing" is up on my blog now... it's probably silly... but it should make you laugh a little if you're stressed. :)

  7. Love it Yvonne...its you and so tre-chic.