Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the countdown...

This time next week I will be on a plane to Arizona for Creative Escape!!! I can't wait, I have been making lists, packing, repacking, making more lists, making piles to pack, I think I need to step away:) I am still having a hard time believing I actually get to go. I know I have been to many CHA's, Memory Trends, HIA's and ACCI's (these were trade shows before they both merged into CHA). But I have really never gotten to go to a scrapbook event that was for the total fun of it. No work involved. I guess that is why this one, not to mention that this is the Heidi Swapp event of the year, is so exciting for me. Maybe I am being silly, but what is life without a little or alot of silliness??? Sorry for the rambling.

On another note, I am a little concerned about Bre. She has not been feeling very good since she was sick. She has been having dizzy spells. She had one on Saturday where she actually lost her balance and fell, she said she doesn't even remember falling, just realizing she was on the ground. I had to go get her from school today, because she was having dizzy spells again. I am wondering if it is a sinus problem related to her allergies. She is sound asleep on the couch at the moment. She said she doesn't feel good either. I guess if it doesn't stop I am gonna take her to the doctor.

Looks like Gustav is going to be giving someone a headache. I just saw the forecast and it is a very broad path from Mississippi to the panhandle of Florida, middle of the path takes it directly toward New Orleans. That is the last thing they need. I wish it would just sit out there and churn itself out, but unfortunately somewhere is going to be paid a visit.

I am also kitting up stuff today and over the weekend for the scrapbook retreat. I am getting excited about that as well. All this PINK and black and white is really getting me into the spirit:)
I don't know how this post ended up being so long, so I guess it's time to go for now.


  1. lol this was a long post!

    Soo is Gustav coming otwards us?

    Please sayy yess!

    Im sad your leaving but I dont want you to feel like im trying to make you feel bad because I dont want that to happen. I am sadd.
    But I will get over it. I want you to have as much fun as you can with Julie and Kathy.
    [[ just do me a favor and be really carfeul! okk.....
    Ilyy mommy!

    <33 :]

  2. sorry to hear bre was feeling ill... i'm a little behind on the times having to SHARE. i'm not liking it AT ALL!!