Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am trying to decide which tote to take with me to Creative Escape. I know this seems silly, but having the perfect tool tote would make things so much easier in a class setting. So what do you think. I am leaning toward the Krafter's purse. So many outside pockets, it will fold flat to fit in the suitcase, it has a carasul for spinng, and it's small. The totally cool tote is cool and does hold my trimmer, but it just doesn't seem easy to find things out of. Any input out there? Let me know.


  1. def. would not get the AMM tote. that's like the one i had. TOTALLY not user friendly. the ONLY good thing about it was that it would hold my trimmer. not worth the rest. promise ya :)

    i'm SOOOO excited for you! :)

  2. I assume the crafter's purse is the one that is all forgot to specify. (I just call mine the tool tote.) Anyways, I would just take this one. The other tote (the black one)...well, you just can't seem to find everything in. Totally not kosher for finding the tools...

  3. The tool tote for sure! The other one is cute but not practical for the trip!

  4. I am taking the small tote like the one I gave you in your CE gift and a shoulder bag. Usually the tables are narrow so the smaller bag would be better. Maybe this hotel will have the wider tables!