Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where did July go...

I can't believe August is here. It just seems like we started the summer and here we are heading into fall. School starts in 2 weeks, so we have started preparing, trying to get back on somewhat of a time schedule and getting stuff pulled together. Bre has mixed emotions about going back to school. This will be her last year in middle school, I swear I was just holding her hand walking her into her Kindergarten class just yesterday (smile) and here she is a young lady starting to make those life plans that will take her into the next phase of her life. I know she is going to be ok, she has such a determination about her.

Starting to get excited about CE. I have homework that I really need to start working on. I mailed my let's escape friend her goody box yesterday. I hope she likes it. I joined a yahoo group, kind of late, but I was still able to get into one swap. So fun, just something different to do.

Still preparing for my retreat. I hope the girls are going to like it. I have almost everything done, except for a few little things. I want this to be all pulled together before I leave for CE. Can't believe my retreat falls on the very next weekend. It just worked out that way.

Well, I am off to go finish up the laundry and then get started on making some fried green tomatoes. DH grew them in his garden and came in with a shirt full and a grin and said "I sure would like some of your fried green tomatoes." I think the hint was strong enough:) Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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  1. hm, hm, hm....your DH would like some fried green tomatoes....then, again, so would your BFF!! Ha! You know I love you!