Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Most of you know I am very much a blog addict. There are quite a few blogs I check daily and then those that I check a little less frequently. One of the blogs that I do check daily is Jeanette's. She always has such great links, organizational ideas, inspiration, and many other things she enjoys sharing with us her blog readers. Now I knew she was attending CE and was on the lookout to meet her and tell her how much I love reading her blog. I had kept my eyes open with no luck until we were sitting down to our ending ceremony dinner, I looked across a few tables and I thought it was her. I walked over a little nervous(what if it wasn't her, what if she didn't want to be bothered by some weird blog stalker). Anyway I walked up and introduced myself to her, she was so sweet and gracious, just like she is on her blog. Thanks Jeanette for taking time out and posing for a pic! Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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