Tuesday, September 30, 2008

still reading...

Yep, still reading. I am more than half done with "Eclipse", should be ready to move on to "Breaking Dawn" soon. Been sick too. Fever, chills, not good, although I did have more time to read when I wasn't sleeping the yuck away.

p.s. Some Tim Holtz goodness came into the store today. Not much but it's starting to trickle in. And the Heidi clear stamp alphabets came in, woo hoo.


  1. I can't believe it! I so thought you were going to "savor" the books. HMMMM...too good to wait, huh? Told ya :P

    Glad you are feeling better. Nothing like being sick. What an awful feeling..

    BTW, did you see my movie widget?

  2. Okay, this one is a test...can I remember my password?....
    The bad news is, McKenna had to come home sick today from school...the good news is, I'm the only one who could bring her home...so I get a chance to finally strip the beds, wash some sheets, run the vacuum and then, oh then, so sweet, sit down the computer and check out - just maybe, check out this blog stuff :)
    Alright,I guess it won't work...I can't remember my password!

  3. Okay, Girl, here I am again, I think I got it....now I'll just have to catch up to what you are talkin' about...books....who really has time to read? I imagine this will be my only post for weeks...
    I did so enjoy the retreat Yvonne. The hotel was beautiful and the make-n-takes were the very best yet! I hope to make it in January. Check out my blog, I finally have one post :)