Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the shirt...

The final night of CE we had a sit down dinner. We started the night with dessert served first, moved on to a salad and then a yummy dinner. Several times during the night Mr. Bazzill and Heidi got up on stage and said words, gave away prizes and so forth. They had raffled off tickets to Heidi's upcoming cruise and amazingly raised $6000. Now Mr. Bazzill said, "I think we might be adding a little more money to the total." (by the way this was all for the cancer society) He invited Tim up to the stage. The crowd went wild, I guess they thought they might get Tim himself. lol. Anyway, they made the announcement that Tim was most generously offering his shirt up for the cause. It started at $100, had a bit of a bidding war between $1000 and $2000, and at the last possible moment a woman in the back yelled out $6000. Yes that is not a typo, Six thousand dollars for the shirt of one Mr. Tim Holtz. The crowd was wild, Tim was the shade of a red delicious apple. The woman came and claimed her prize, "the shirt worn by the one and only Tim Holtz". I am so glad I was there to see that. I will post pics later, right now I am off to work.

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