Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, I just got home from a little show event in Orlando. It was fun and I found a couple of things that I am excited about bringing in to the store. One of them is definitely a WOW, and the thing is you will only have to log onto our website and link to this place. I cannot say much right now but I am EXCITED about this and I think some of you will be too. What a tease huh. I promise if everything goes smoothly I will be spilling the beans this week.
Finished Eclipse and am now halfway through Breaking Dawn. I am so enjoying these books (sorry Kristy), but now I am thoroughly sad because I know it is almost over. I am so excited about the movie coming out, sure hope it does well so they will continue with the rest of the books. So far Breaking Dawn is the best of the series, I am having a hard time putting it down. I tried to read on the way to Orlando this morning but succeeded in only making myself car sick. Who knew, apparently not me. I had know earthly idea not to read from the backseat. Rest assure I will never do that again.
Well, I just wanted to touch base and give you a little tease, I am off the read.


  1. well i'm excited you guys are enjoying reading them just the same! glad you had a good weekend :) can't wait to hear what news you have to share! :)

  2. Yvonne, yvonne, yvonne, you are right, I think it IS additive because of the comment feature. Well, it is the eve before the work week and it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will get back to any of this until the weekend, but it does give me something to look forward to :) I look forward to seeing what's new at Griffins...I think I already mentioned that I got a gift certif for my b-day :)! Andrea actually has Twilight - is that the first in this series of books you keep talking about? She's in the middle of another book right now - should I start it then?
    Have a fabulous week!!!!!!
    And thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can I say how glad I am that you FINALLY finished the Twilight series? Now, I have someone that can obsess with me about this!! So can't wait for the movie!! Yeah!