Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve...

Worked until 2:30.
Ran home to throw some laundry in.
Met Paige and John down town for a photo shoot.
Came home and continued laundry.
Messed around with pics from today.
Made Rice Crispy treats and what we fondly refer to as "people chow".
Updated blog.
Hubby is out grilling (this is his Christmas eve tradition thank goodness:)
Finishing up last minute wrappings DH brought home.
So ready to hit the sack for an early (5:00am) start to Christmas.

Tomorrow we will have Christmas here, leave and travel 2 hours to my Mom's, spend a couple hours there, leave and travel 30 minutes to DH's family to spend a couple hours and share Christmas dinner, leave there and travel 2 hours home. Busy, busy, busy. Then off to work the next day at 7:30 am (ugh).

I hope everyone has a very HAPPY AND SAFE AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS.