Friday, January 23, 2009

cha bound...

Tomorrow morning at around 4:30am (ugh) I will be leaving my house to pick Stephanie up. We are leaving Florida at 8:30 am and heading out to California for the CHA show (with a little detour in Vegas). I am starting to get really excited about the new product and seeing friends in the industry that I don't get to see very often. First stop once we get settled in will be Bubba Gump's. I figure after all the traveling we will be ready for some good food and a little relaxation. I don't know if I told Steph, but the Cheese Cake Factory is right next door to Bubba Gumps so we won't have to look to far for a really yummy dessert. Then first thing Sunday morning the show opens and we will be heading straight to Teresa Collins booth for her lovely make and take and to place our order. Then we will have to go see the Advantus booth and do the Tim Holtz' make and take and see Heidi's new stuff in person. We have already pre-ordered their stuff so we don't have to worry with that. Then we will walk the entire show and see what other scrappy goodness we can find:) I am sure we won't have any problems in that arena!!!


  1. I hope you guys have fun.

    I will miss you alot.



    Don't forget to have fun for me. :]]

  2. I'm going to be dying of curiousity the whole time you are away! Ugh! SO wish I was going with you, but as you know, now is not a good time (I will get through this no matter the outcome).

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, soak up some Tim Holtz mojo...and then, bring it home to show me! hint, hint: a piece of 12 x 12 grungeboard paper would be awesome!

    Have fun, and I'll miss you! I mean, who else am I going to call umpteen times a day? (well, it may be Kristy, since you and Steph will be out there :D )

  3. i am totally jealous.. and WAY excited for you!!! :)