Sunday, January 4, 2009


1-name: Yvonne
2-birthday: December 28
3-wear silver or gold: silver
4-favorite restaurant: Bubba Gumps
5-favorite junk food: chips and dip
6-favorite candybar: snickers
7-favorite candy: peanut m&ms
8-favorite store: target, michaels, hobby lobby
8.5-favorite online store: twopeasinabucket
9-do you collect anything: besides scrapbooking supplies - vintage cameras
10-favorite movie: probably pretty woman or gone with the wind
11-favorite book: TWILIGHT SERIES
12-something you could never get enough of: scrapbook supplies and organizational stuff
13-favorite band: my taste changes to frequently to narrow it down
14-favorite indulgence: candles
15-something you never buy yourself but want: can't think of anything
16-favorite color: pink
17-something you are wishing for right now: newest adobe elements
18-favorite symbol: damask, swirls and flourishes

1 comment:

  1. I'm impressed. You did the tag. I did the tag. Even Bre did the tag. WOW! We are really on a role!