Thursday, February 12, 2009


I really haven't had much to blog about lately, but today I do.
First I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Jeanette. I got the package today and I love it. You are so sweet and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. You are so generous. Thank you.
Second, I received the purse I ordered from Tiffany and I am totally in love with it. It is so cute, I have been carrying it everyday since it arrived, even to work. I put away the coach and have been so happy with my new pink and black baby. lol.
Okay now that the business has been taken care of. I have a sick girl at home. She has been spiking a fever up to 102, but we are able to keep it around 100 with meds. I hope it is just a passing cold, we will see. She can turn on a dime so quick and before I know it she has bronchitis or pneumonia. We will be keeping a close eye on her.
With my extra time at home today I did get something accomplished. I made a new blog. It is going to be strictly a place to share my creations from. I love having the talky talk blog to talk about things and share great finds and just everyday life but I have been wanting a place to just be able to post my creations or projects without having to be to wordy. I will be posting supply lists with the projects but that will be about it. Hopefully I can keep up with both.
Facebook, well lets just say I am totally sucked in. I spend way to much time on there chatting, sending candies, and just seeing what everyone else is doing. If you haven't joined think about it. (Kristy are you hearing me?)
We are in the middle of a redo at the store. There is going to be more room allotted to scrapbooking and vinyl. It will be nice when we get it done, right now not so much. Huge mess, but it is still shoppable;)


  1. I'm glad that you love your purse, and your think from Jeanette. :]]

    But I don't want to get bronchitis or pneumonia. [[ however you spell that. ]]

    I like your new blog. :]]

    ilyy. <3


  2. It's so wonderful to hear from you on your blog....I mean, I know I only blog once a week, but I need my "Yvonneinspiration"!
    I'm so sorry to hear Bre is sick and hope she feels better soon. I hear this is going round....and round.
    Glad to hear you've created a new blog for your art - totally a great idea! but...what's the address. Did I miss it?
    I'm looking forward to the new stuff at the store and I am so glad they are giving you more space that you so have earned and deserve!
    LOL - Melle

  3. You are most welcome, Yvonne. Glad you like the goodies. Good luck with your new blog and hope your kiddo is feeling better.

    Jeanette :)