Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more creating...

I love Teresa Collins new "family matters" line and "document" line, along with the new 7 x 13 chipboard covers and chipboard embellishments. They are so fun and easy to work with. I created this book with two different sections. One section is called about me and has some fun facts and things I want Bre to know. The other is all about family, what they mean to me and some tidbits of our life as it is now. I am still working on adding pictures and journaling to the pages, but I couldn't wait to share, hope you enjoy:)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful......I love this. Your very talented!

    teresa collins

  2. OMgosh Yvonne, Teresa wrote you!
    Wow! Did you know that could happen? She's right! You are very talented and you (and your book) are very beautiful!
    I didn't really get to tell you how much I loved seeing your books - I was pretty selfish at the moment I saw you. I am grateful to have gotten to visit with you, even for a minute....
    Sorry, a little gushy, just excited about all the things you've introduced me to. :)
    And yeah, I offically bought my first Tim Holtz products today! Great@#@$!! Just in time for his trip to Paris - what will I do w/o him? Well, his demo videos will help.
    LOL - Melle

  3. Very cute.

    Major Talented :]]



  4. Your vision in creativity is beautiful and it show's in what you produce!