Monday, March 2, 2009


Where did February go??? I cannot believe it is March 2. I definitely wasn't a very good blogger in February but I am going to do better in March!!! Haven't been up to much lately. Just working, school stuff with Bre, housework---just normal stuff. I have been creating like a fiend lately. I have been so inspired by the new stuff that has been coming in. I am absolutely in love with the new Teresa Collins stuff and have made three mini books. I made a recipe book, An all about me and my family book and a true love book for Kenny and I. I will share some pictures this week. I have all the books put together I am just still adding journaling and pictures. It has felt so good to get back to creating. I think it's something I need to cleanse my soul so to speak. It just makes me happier. I have also been completely enamoured with House of 3. I love the stuff they have going on there. They had their house warming party over the weekend and I actually won a prize. I am not sure what it is yet, but I will share when it arrives. I love the book they did (Heidi, Janet and Rhonna). It is amazing, I am going to be printing it out and working on that soon to. If you haven't visited the site, you really should, it has lots of awesome stuff to download. Even has blog couture for sale, you can dress up your blog oh so cute, and really inexpensively. I guess I will quite rambling now and work on finishing up those books so I can take pictures and post them. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good week. Oh and I did read this book, recommended by Donna Downey, "One bite with a Stranger". Lets just say...very adult. Not for young people, but it definitely lived up to the sex scenes Donna talked about.

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  1. in all my book dilemma i seriously considered that one... was it really worth the read???