Monday, April 20, 2009

Exciting news...

I had the scrapbook retreat this weekend. The women I have gotten to know through doing these events have really touched my life. Each and every one of these women are special to me. I love the commonality we have being women, moms, daughters, scrapbookers, the keepers of memories. It is such an important job (and a totally fun one too). Getting ready for each retreat I like to come up with some kind of theme, this retreats was "the time is now." I had know idea at the time how totally appropriate it would be. THE TIME IS NOW, which leads me to my exciting dear friend, one of my BFF's Stephanie and I have talked about opening a scrapbook store for a few years now. Well she woke up one morning and decided "the time is now"!!!!!!! We are happy to announce we will be opening "She Scrapbooks" in The Villages. Our grand opening will be October 1 of this year. We are hoping to have a soft opening before that. We will have more information available very soon, but I wanted to share this here, as we shared this information at the retreat this weekend. Look at the cute little invitation Stephanie made!!! We are both very excited and thrilled!!!


  1. Oh Yvonne and Stephanie, this IS the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!
    This is why I so hoped to stop by the retreat. I ached to be with you all, but I especially wanted to know that you were going to be okay....and then to find out you two are opening your own store OMG - oh, sorry, already said that and then in THE VILLAGES - could I be any luckier! I can't think of two more perfect owners of a scrapbook store. Congratulations! And what a beautiful name.
    (Please keep me in mind for ANYTHING! :) )
    Love, Melle

  2. Can't wait until October 1. I am so glad that you are coming down my way. I am tickled "pink" for you. So, so excited! By the way, the name is perfect for you!