Friday, May 8, 2009

Big day...

Today was the 8th grade dance. The first dance Bre has attended. She went with her BFF Rachel. They looked so beautiful and so grown up. I cannot believe we are here. She has less then a month of middle school left and then we are headed to high school. More dances, more growing up and I fear boys will come into the picture.
I will be updating tomorrow on what I have been up to lately hopefully sharing some more pics.


  1. Bre is absolutely beautiful! Can't believe how much she has grown! Makes me sad in a way....

    OH, and LMAO! You "fear" boys will be in the picture? You better hope boys will be in the picture! And, honestly, with a whole new atmosphere, I seriously think you will see that! :D

  2. holy cow she is not a little girl. she is gorgeous!!!