Sunday, May 24, 2009

busy, busy...

First things first, here is another little teaser for New Moon. Getting excited, I'm just sayin'!!!

Griffins is winding down, we probable have about 3 weeks left and it will be big part of my past. The scrapbooking department is just about wiped out, very picked over now.

"She Scrapbooks"
is coming together quite smoothly. It just reinforces the fact that "Now is the time" and we are headed in the right direction. I have been getting a ton of emails asking to be put on our email list, so happy about that. Also been getting a lot of phone calls about very excited scrappers who cannot wait for us to open and that means so much. It's so nice to know that y'all are just as excited as Stephanie and I are!!!

School gets out June 3rd and that is rapidly approaching. Bre and I are going to finish up at Griffins and then chill out and enjoy the rest of the summer.

I do have a July retreat planned and that has already sold out-thanks girlies-I really appreciate all of your support and love each and every one of you. Planning the projects for that right now, all I will say is lovin' Heidi Swapp product!!! But all of you already know that so I'm sure it is no surprise.

Right before the retreat is CHA-Summer, so excited for it this year. I have been going to trade shows for ten years now and I think I am almost as excited for this one as I was for my first one. Can't wait to get the orders started for "She Scrapbooks!"

It rained for a solid week and I think we have more on the way. I wonder if it is ever going to be sunshiney again??? I love the rain, but even I am getting a little tired of it now. Hope everyone has a safe week.


  1. I am right along there beside you and Steph! Not so much an active role, but SO excited about this new venture you two are about to take!! Not to mention CHA for me, AGAIN! (totally LOVE this!) Then, the retreat!

    NEW MOON!!!!

    Need I say more?

  2. i'll second nita :) all the way..

  3. I can't wait for New Moon!!!! :]]

    I am really happy that you are so happy to be opening a store with Steph.

    Can't wait for school to get out either!!!

    Have you found out if I can go to CHA summer, or is the age 16 now?

  4. I am so going to watch New Moon woow it looks so perfrct!!!!!!!!!!!