Sunday, May 17, 2009

random post...

Life seems to be speeding along and blogging has taken a back seat lately, but i hope to start doing better with it starting now.
We have had so much going on and life changes, I just felt like I needed to catch my breath.

Griffins is winding down, it seems so odd, I have spent 12 years of my life in that building, working, making friendships, being a part of something. It is so surreal to me that come the middle of June it will be gone, and it will just be a empty building.

As Griffins is winding down, I am finding myself very excited (almost to the point I cannot stand it)
about the future. I am totally immersed in thoughts of "She Scrapbooks", sometimes it is all I can think about. I cannot wait for this new chapter of life to have it's time. I know this is going to be good, just one of those feelings when you know. That is what "She Scrapbooks" is for me.
Stephanie and I have been talking lots on the phone in the last couple of days, and she is feeling the same way, almost consumed with the thoughts at times. We are both on the countdown and EXCITED.

Yesterday I decided to play around in photoshop and try to figure a few things out. I spent hours just playing around, reading tutorials, and creating this and that. The new banner is one of those things, what do you think??? It might stay up for a little while, but I think with this new found joy of photoshop it will be different soon.

I also want to send a shout out to Kim, Congratulations, we are so proud of you and happy for you. A official Law school Graduate. Wow.

I will be back soon, I have a few things I have been working on and want to share, just need to finish them up.


  1. missed you gals friday night... thinking about you lots and wishing you joy and ease in your new transition period. i wish i was able to be more involved with you and steph.. and am willing and able to help when it's wanted :)

  2. awwww...thanks for the shout out! I love you girls! Your support made law school bearable! <3