Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A day of thought...

I saw this on Elizabeth's blog and liked how it made me think...who else wants to play???

When I was a child... I loved to play with paper and doodle, I also liked to be in a tree daydreaming.

I can't imagine my life without... being happy, and my Bre.

If I could be anywhere, I'd be... sitting by the ocean listening to the waves.

My least favorite chore is... cleaning the bathrooms.

If I could be on any tv game or reality show, it would be...dancing with the stars, love the ballroom dancing.

If a mystery package arrived on my doorstep, I'd hope it would be... scrapbook goodies.

My guilty pleasure is... pasta and ice cream, but not together.

I thought I would never...have the opportunity that has come my way with She Scrapbooks.

If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d wish for... one more day with my grandpa, that worries didn't exist and I could go back to my teens and know what I know now.

You would never guess it, but I...won a women's pool tournament.

As I was sitting in my office surfing the Internet I kept coming across things that made my stop and think about all kinds of things, all in all I am very grateful of where I am in my life today. I love the possibilities of where my path is heading. It took a long time to get here but I think I am finally coming to that place I have heard others talk about. I have heard it said that when you get to your forties, you have a sense of inner peace, sure there are things that I regret and wish I could change, but I realize that all those things have brought me to where I am. Everything that has happened in my life has brought me to today and I wouldn't give that up for anything. Here is to the future!!!

Right now I am so looking forward to this new venture with Stephanie. I am so excited about "SHE SCRAPBOOKS" I find it hard to sleep sometimes. I know this is going to be good. I know this is going to be big. I know this is going to be the next chapter of my life and I can't wait for it to be written.

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