Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1...

Can you believe it??? I can't. This year just seems to be full speed ahead.

School is out Wednesday for the summer, hard to believe, Bre will be going to high school in the fall. Where did the time go???

We received official word today that June 20th will be Griffins final day. This too is hard to believe as I have spent 12 years of my life working at this store.

We are on track with She Scrapbooks and very excited. I am looking so forward to this new adventure, and it will be here before we know it. Looks like some time in September we will be doing a soft opening. October will be the big grand opening if everything stays on schedule.

Watched the movie awards last night and Twilight won...Best Kiss, Best Fight, Breakout for best male and female actors, and BEST movie!!! New Moon official trailer also debuted. All in all it was a great night for the Twilight franchise.

This week I have been designing up the projects for the retreat. Just a few little details to finish up and that will be one more thing to mark of my lists into the done category. Feels good to do that. I have to say it gives me a sense of accomplishment each time something gets checked off. I think I am going to stick with the list thing for a while, it seems to help keep me on track;)

And last but not least, I finally decorated my "A week in my life" album. I was fortunate enough to be able to take this class at CKU before Ali retired it. So since it only took two years to get this done I thought I would share a picture. lol.


  1. Very excited for you and Steph. :]]

    And about the whole Wednesday is my last day, I will be going into High School thing......V A N G U A R D......P L E A S E ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    A L L of my friends are going there. :]]

    P L E A S E ! ! ! !

    Btw, love the book. :]]


  2. Glad to see you have been productive! Wish I could say the same, but alas, too much work! Not to mention, two little munchkins who continually mess up the house!

    And, talk about the New Moon trailer! Woowhee! Loved it! So psyched about it's release in November! I assure you, I will drive you absolutely bonkers with this......just like I did with Twilight! Did I mention that I saw that movie 12 times in the theater? TWELVE!! And, I absolutely LOVED it each time I saw it!!!! BTW....have I mentioned I can't wait until New Moon comes out? :D

  3. Well....all I have to say is that it is about time the cover was completed...when will the rest of the book be finalized? We took the class 2 and half years ago....I guess I must have had the inspiration from Ali to finish it right away!