Saturday, June 27, 2009

new organization...

My computer area, love the fact that now it is stationed where I can open the blinds and see Bre if she is in the yard or just enjoy the outside from the inside. It is just so hot outside right now.
This week we purged and organized my scraproom. It feels so good to have a nice clean organized are once again. My desk has all the things I reach for on a regular basis and has things within my sight so I don't forget about it. I absolutely love it.
This are stores my collection of antique cameras and pictures of Bre and just odds and ends that I like to have on display. DH got these bookcases for me which is what led to the reorganization. Love them and the fact that I can SEE what I am looking for.
This is the corner by my desk, it has my collection of ever growing Y's and things that make me happy.
Hope you enjoy, I might try and post a little video tour later on today!!! We will see.

The house is clean, the trim is painted, scraproom organized. I'd say I am off to a great check of the to do list summer. Now I just have to face the monstrous Florida room. That is going to be the challenge. I was going to have a yard sale this weekend, but with being the 4th of July, I have postponed it to the next weekend. That gives me time to get this room taken care of like it need to be. Next on the list will be the laundry room. No, the dryer is still not repaired, wondering why I paid for a 4 year warranty at this point, hopefully this week the parts will be in and it will be fixed. Never really realized how much I depend on simple house hold appliances.
Anyway this is what we have been up to for the last week and I am absolutely loving my house again and feeling good about our accomplishments.


  1. OMG....your scrap space is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love it, so inspiring...and the pink and black is fabulous!:)

    I also LOVE the SHE book...something I keep close within my reach on those days when life get's difficult. Such an amazing book. I love all your SHE inspirations in and around your space.

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog, as I will be making yours a routine stop as well. Great stuff!

    Thank you for inspiring me today!:)

  2. Hey Chica! Your room is AWESOME! I love when fellow crafters share pics of their space! It's HOT here in Texas too and haven't seen rain in weeks! My desk looks out into the front yard so I can pretend to be outside while working in my cool space! Hugs!

  3. Oh Yvonne - it's wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing...yes, a video would be great fun for us to see :0)

    As you may have seen, I'm working on "my space" as well. Although it will have that um.... more "creative garage space" feel to it, I'm still excited.

    Thank you for the inspiration!