Friday, July 17, 2009


Here is the before and the after, I love how I was able to make a vintage wash look. I am absolutely loving the photoshop class I am taking over at Jessica Sprague's. I have definitely reinforced and gained some knowledge. I learned how to adjust the color a new way and absolutely love how easy it it and the effect that I can get. I am hoping to find a class to take me to the next level, love the online classes as I can arrange it around my schedule instead of the other way around. It also helps to have videos that I can go back to and refresh my mind with the new techniques. Who else has taken the class? I will be signing up for more from Jessica, I think she is a fabulous teacher.


  1. picture looks wonderful!

    i really wish i would have taken this class, but as i don't have photoshop, it seemed a little silly. :)

    thanks for the comments. hoping a little thicker armor comes with turning 30. :)

  2. Did I tell you I loved this picture? And, the vintage wash looks great! I'm so proud of you!!