Monday, July 6, 2009


Today is my sweet hubbies 49th!!! Happy Birthday baby!!!

Had a fun 4th at Nita's, very low key just watching the girls have a good time together. Thanks Nita, it was nice to just enjoy a little time and not have to run around everywhere or fight traffic.
Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th.

Stephanie, Nita, Bre and I yudu'd are little hearts out Friday and Saturday. We got our CHA shirts ready to go and a few other little things. Loving the yudu, totally inspiring and fun!!!

Still been cleaning and purging and getting the house organized. Tomorrows project, the Florida room. Then a yard sale this weekend. Whatever doesn't sell will be going to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, I wonder if they will come pick it up???

Getting the last minute details of the retreat taken care of. Projects designed, instructions done,
supply list posted, tentative schedule announced, working on kitting this week and next.

Getting very excited about CHA, can't wait to go and start ordering for She Scrapbooks!!!

Basically loving life and really feeling grateful for all my blessings!!!


  1. glad you guys got everything worked out! sorry i missed out on the fun!

  2. Glad you enjoyed coming over. The girls and I loved having you. I have to admit, not having to run around this year WAS nice. And, even though I didn't really feel like taking any pictures, I really think the ones I got are pretty cool.

    And, yes, the Yudu is absolutely, freaking awesome! Totally glad I was part of that :D ~ you two are too goofy!!

    Can't wait for the retreat! And, CHA! And, the time to relax and have fun!