Wednesday, August 5, 2009

whirl wind...

Wow, last week was busy, busy!!! I started off the week driving Bre to my sister's house so she could visit with her Aunt and Grammy while I was at CHA. Bre said she had a fabulous time, I think the funnest part for her was when she got to drive all around Aunt Mindy's three acres of property. Now she is on a daily countdown until she will be able to get her permit. I am so not ready for that. But I did want to send a huge THANK YOU to my sister and mom for taking such good care of Bre and Roxie. Just wish I could have spent more time with y'all.
I left my sisters Monday morning and headed to Orlando for the CHA summer show. Stephanie and Nita drove from Ocala and we got there about the same time. Checked into our hotel and headed to the convention center to get our badges. Then we went to Bubba Gumps for dinner (yummy), next stop was the Prime Outlet mall. Love that place and will definitely be going back.
CHA started bright and early Tuesday morning, as we are walking in to head to the first stop we walked by Making Memories and I guess I let out some kind of squeal, because they were releasing the first glimpses of the PINK slice. Well, I already had the blue/greenish one, but now it is PINK, we were given PINK slice aprons to where and hopefully be spotted and our picture taken so we MIGHT have a chance to win one of the new PINK slices!!!! Later that day, guess what happened, after much more squealing and hugging the poor kid who spotted us, Steph and I got our pictures taken and added to the NON winner wall. So we went about our business where we were much involved in ordering when Nita calls my cell phone, I wouldn't shut up long enough for her to tell me my picture had been added to the winner wall, not sure what this meant so we headed to Making Memories where, yes in deed, I find out I WON A PINK SLICE!!!!
And yes, there was much more squealing and hugging!!!!
That is not the end of the story, Nita and Kristy were also spotted wearing their aprons and they also ended up on THE winner wall. Stephanie did not win a pink slice,but she did win a fabulous prize basket from Cruise and Crop. Hopefully there will be some more talk about this in the future of SHE SCRAPBOOKS. We finished up the show Thursday afternoon, and headed home. Friday morning I headed out to the Homewood Suites for the Scrapbook Retreat. I had 32 women coming and had to have it set up by 3:00 pm. Thanks to Steph and Bre we got it done with about an hour to kill and started a three day long event filled with giggling, visiting, eating, three projects and and lots of fun. Thank you to all attended and have made doing retreats such a fabulous experience for me. I look forward to doing many more and can't wait for the next one.
Now we are on to the next week and I have realized we only have three weeks before school starts, four weeks before we take possession of the building for SHE SCRAPBOOKS, and about two months before we have our grand opening. If you would like to see some pictures from CHA and see some of the companies we have ordered stop by the SHE blog. We have the first CHA post up.
Life is good, Life is busy, Life is sometimes crazy but I wouldn't change where I am today for anything in the world.


  1. haha, that was so fun at Aunt Mindy's! =D
    I'm glad you had a good time at CHA. I know you enjoy going to those things.
    And you're welcome...I'm just glad we got to get food after we were done. paha. ;D
    Anyways, the retreat was amazing, and I had a blast. You did a great job, Mom! <3

  2. Yvonne, the retreat was wonderful. The company was even better. I am NEVER disappointed when I attend a retreat. We always have fun, eat too much and learn something new and wonderful. You are definitely the Queen of Scrapbooking in my book! Thanks for all you do!