Monday, September 7, 2009

busy, busy...

Time seems to be flying by at an accelerated rate...
-we going into our fourth week of school, hard to believe a month has already gone by.
-homecoming is in 2 weeks, and Bre is going with some of her friends.
-walls torn down in store, wall repaired in store, walls being primed and painted, floor being painted this week.
-deliveries already coming in to the store
-scheduling move in dates of fixtures
-read three books
-haven't taken nearly enough pictures
-shopping with Stephanie to get odds and ends we need for the store
-lunch everyday with Stephanie this last week, discussing ideas and things to accomplish for the store.
-continuing with plans for the big surprise in November. Almost ready to spill the beans.
-planning our grand opening.
-not to mention just the everyday stuff that life brings.

Will try to do better about blogging, been pretty bad about it lately.
Will have pictures to share this week of the store's before and after.


  1. No, you are doing great! We are happy to get any tidbits we can :o)

  2. SO excited about all that is going on! OH, and you forgot to mention "being sick". LOL!

    You and Steph have so much going on, I'm not surprised you haven't blogged!