Sunday, September 27, 2009


I didn't share any pictures of Breanna's first homecoming dance so I wanted to at least get one on the blog. I still cannot believe she is in high school, but as much as I try not to admit it she is growing up. Here she is with Andrea and Rachel. They looked beautiful and said they had a great time and danced all night.


  1. Gorgeous picture! So hard to believe the girl is growing up! I swear, it just seems like yesterday when she was about Syd's age....

  2. she looks gorgeous! i didn't recognize melle's daughter @ first.. i was like... wow.. that girl in the hat is adorable, rockin sense of style.. then i went to melle's blog..!!! she looks so grown up!!!

  3. Yep, I sure like this photo too!
    (after I got over the shock of our little girls looking all grown up!)
    Thanks Kristy for your sweet words,
    Thanks Bre for asking Andrea to go,
    and thanks Yvonne for driving!