Tuesday, September 15, 2009

two posts-one day...

Just wanted to give a quick update on She Scrapbooks...
We are moving right along, all the construction issues will be wrapped up tomorrow.
Product has started to arrive.
Checking in and pricing said product.
Painting some more fixtures this weekend.
Getting the store ready to set next week.
Opening still set for first week on October.
Can't wait, we are so excited and ready for She to make her debut!

Bre is moving right along with her first year of High School.
It is Homecoming this week and she is very excited about this, can't wait to go the dance, and loves her new dress.
Progress reports come home Friday (hard to believe).
She is starting her community service this week or next with a reading program to help out the elementary kids who need a little extra attention. So proud of her for choosing this.

Other than that, life seems to be ticking by pretty fast right now. I can't believe we are getting into the holiday months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and ugh, Christmas are right around the corner. I am so hoping that I will be able to find a little Christmas love this year. Working in retail for the last 12 years has just sucked it out of me. We will see. Keeping fingers crossed.

Life is exciting right now and I absolutely love it.


  1. So happy the store is coming along for yall. :]]
    Can't wait for homecoming. <3
    It is hard to believe this year is going by so fast.
    Hopefully you will be able to enjoy Christmas this year. :]]
    Love you, Mom.

  2. I am so super excited for you. What a dream come true. I cannot wait to see pictures. I also LOVE the concept "She"...that book is a treasure of mine. My dream is to have my own scrapbook store and teach one day...hmm...you never know! Thank you for inspiring me today and I am so happy to see your dreams coming true for you.

  3. hey awsome pictures when is the big day off the opening because i am so going to be there