Monday, October 12, 2009


No excuse for the blog slacking, just lots going on...
She Scrapbooks is opened and doing really well...we are so excited that we have finally made it to this point...I keep pinching myself because it is hard to believe "SHE" is open...
We had our grand opening on Saturday and it was a huge success...saw so many people in the last week I haven't seen in years and some I say at our soft opening, wink...really nice to reconnect with them!
Now we are working on our Heidi Swapp event...we are almost full...haven't even been taking sign- ups for a week...lots of excited women!!!
Working on some more surprises for "She"...stay tuned...more announcements you won't want to miss!!!
Bre is doing really good in high school...I am so proud of her and the young woman that she is...I feel totally blessed to be her mom and get to share her life...she is the best!!!
My mom, step-dad, sister and brother in law all came over this week and surprised me by walking into the store with no notice. I almost couldn't believe my eyes, because that just doesn't happen...So nice to see them and we even got to sneak out and have a little treat at Urban Flats:)...Thanks for coming over family, it meant the world to me!!!
Mother-in-law and father-in-law came over and spent the weekend at the Waterfront in...nice to spend some time with them too...Went to RJ Gators for dinner (dh's favorite) and Nan and Bre got to spend some quality time together shopping around Sumter Landing.
Roxie turned four and the tenth...can't believe she has been with us that long...seems like just yesterday she was so tiny I could hold her in the palm of my hand...but also feels like she has been with us forever.
I have to BFF's who are having Birthday's this month...Happy Birthday to Kristy and Stephanie...I know it is little early...but I wanted to get it out here.
Can't believe it is the middle of October...Bre is going to another Homecoming dance on Halloween...she is excited to see her friends from her old school.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner...and I fear Christmas...not quite ready to have the holidays upon us...whether I like it or not here it comes...I think I need to start some shopping...I would like to be done by December 1...maybe then I can relax and enjoy the month of December!
Think I babbled enough to eat dinner with the family.