Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in review...

January-Not to much exciting going on other then traveled to California with Stephanie for CHAW. It was her first CHA and it was fun to experience it with a newbie again.
February-Started facebooking and totally got sucked in.
March-Celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! Still totally in love with hubby! Consumed with reading.
April-Lost my dear sweet sister-in-law. Still can't believe it and sometimes pick up the phone to call her just to share my day. I miss her so much.
Found out Griffins would be closing.
Stephanie and I announced the planning and opening of She Scrapbooks.
May-Breanna attended her very first dance.
Griffins liquidation began.
She Scrapbooks continued being planned.
June-Griffins closed.
Cleaned and organized my happy room aka "the scrapbook room"
Took an online class to learn more about photoshop.
July-Kenny's Birthday.
Breanna'a Birthday. Can't believe my baby is 14! Where did the time go.
CHA-S with Stephanie, Nita and Kristy. Had a blast shopping for She Scrapbooks and won a PINK slice!!!
August-Breanna started High School, wow, just wow. Working on She Scrapbooks with Stephanie.
September-Took possession of the building that She Scrapbooks would occupy. Cleaning, painting, getting everything ready for the store to open. Product finally starting to arrive.
Breanna had her first High School Homecoming dance.
October-Opened She Scrapbooks with huge support! What a ride to get to this point, but it was so worth it.
Bre went trick or treating with a group of friends from High School.
Waiting for New Moon.
November-Heidi Swapp visited She Scrapbooks and taught five amazing classes.
New Moon.
Thanksgiving with Kenny's side of the family. Had a great time with the family, loved spending time with my nephews.
Black Friday shopping with Mom and Mindy and Breanna, had so much fun.
First time in 12 years to be able to have this day off of work:)
December-Just a whirl wind of activities preparing for the holidays. Had open house at the store and made a lot of gifts for presents this year.
Christmas was spent traveling from our house to Kenny's Mom and Dad, enjoyed a delicious dinner with the whole family. From there we went to my Mom's then on to my sister's where we stayed and enjoyed Christmas night. The guys cooked oysters outside while we the women stayed inside and watched Star Trek.
Turned 43 oops I mean 29.
Saw New Moon for the third time.
Making goals for 2010.

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