Thursday, December 17, 2009

on my list...

I wanted to share some things I have found or refound lately and have on my list of must haves!
First I want to share the most happy find. We were all sad when the Kokoyo adhesive went off the market, and I was so worried I would never find another adhesive I loved as much that I stocked up and am hoarding it at home, lol. Well I can lay my kokoyo to rest as I have found a new adhesive to love...and it is just as good if not better. It is made by Scotch and is called the dot roller. You have to try it if you were a kokoyo girl. I think it will be love for you too, lol.
By the way we do carry it at the store and should be back in stock next week.
Next, I was watching Teresa Collins and Heidi Swapp do their first live web broadcast last night and was reminded about decorative packing tape. Teresa had used some black and clear damask packing tape on her project and it just made it so cute. This is not going to be forgotten again and I have now penciled it in on my to get list.

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