Saturday, January 9, 2010

this morning...

Breanna came running into my room this morning yelling "Mom get up it's snowing!" I went outside with her and sure enough it was. Not a lot of snow, but we are in north central Florida! I think this is the coldest winter I can remember and I have lived in here all my life. We have been frigidly cold now for a week and it is going to continue into next week. I love the cool weather we usually have, but my blood is way to thin for this kind of weather. Hopefully it will warm up soon. In the meantime Breanna sure had fun playing with the little piles of snow here and there in the yard!


  1. haha.
    You should have posted the picture of the ice on dad's cooker.
    That's pretty amazing:D
    But I did have a lot of fun, I could have amused myself for atleast a few more hours! haha.

  2. We could totally relate to Breanna. In fact, the girls and I stayed outside for almost an hour, gathering up the snow on the cars, making "snowballs", and then, throwing them at each other!