Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabulous weekend...

What a whirl wind...this weekend just flew! Donna arrived at She Scrapbooks Friday afternoon and about an hour and a half later kicked off the first of five classes!!! She is so fun and so down to earth. I absolutely LOVE her teaching style, she makes it so much fun and completely overloads you with techniques. I only took one of the classes this weekend, it was called Simply Irresistible and I loved was so good to take a class and actually learn some new techniques to pass on!!! I was totally thrilled. Breanna loved Donna too and was Donna's official Starbucks girl! I am happy to say that she will be back to She Scrapbooks in the future and seemed to love being with us. We were up late and up early and now I am so tired I think I am heading to bed early tonight but I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend! If you ever have an opportunity to do any classes with Donna I would say DON'T hesitate, you will absolutely love it and you will absolutely learn tons!


  1. omg, be still my heart. those projects are so beautiful! you must have had a wonderful time with donna! she is awesome! i was lucky to attend a conference in edmonton, alberta where she taught and i think we all laughed more than we scrapped! :)

    have an awesome week! and thank you stopping by my blog and always leaving such wonderful comments, they make my day!
    happy scrapping!

  2. Looks awesome! Still wish I could have been there! Hugs from Conroe, TX!