Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A little about me.
I am: usually a happy person and try and stay that way!
I need: to stop and breathe and not be in such a rush.
I know: I am hear to learn and I have much to be grateful for.
I want: to be thought of as a friendly, helpful person.
I have: the best family I could ever wish for.
I wish: life was sometimes easier.
I hate: rude inconsiderate people, dishes, dirty bathrooms, and being late.
I miss: my grandpa and my sister in law.
I fear: not being prepared for whatever.
I feel: blessed
I hear: Breanna's music in the background.
I smell: the smell of home
I crave: ice cream with chocolate shell
I search: for understanding
I wonder: why the world is the way it is
I regret: the time in my life when I let other people take control of my life and didn't stand up for myself. It is my biggest regret.
I love: having lazy days at home
I always: tell Breanna I love her and am proud of her.
I am not: in shape, but I want to be.
I believe: everything happens for a reason.
I hope: I will one day understand why some things happen.
I dance: never, except in my mind, wink.
I sing: in the car, when I am alone
I don't always: get it.
I fight: not really.
I write: lists, quotes, thoughts, ideas.
I loose: my mind quite frequently.
I win: once in a while.
I never: want to be a mean person.
I listen: when people need an ear.

Feel free to play along, if you do leave a comment so I can read your thoughts!

Hopefully I will find the time this weekend to update this poor blog. Just been trying to play catchup since CHA last week. I have posted some blog updates on the She blog.

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