Sunday, April 11, 2010

life as it is...

Another week is just traveling at an unbelievable rate. Hour by hour, day to day, week to week and month to month. Here we are in the middle of April and I still can't believe it is April. Breanna is turning 15 in a few short months and I am in disbelief that this milestone is upon us. My BABY is going to be 15 in a few short months, and she is totally thrilled that she can apply for her permit. She is ready to go the day she turns the magic number. She has been asking me to take her on some back roads so we can practice driving! I think I having more problems with the thought of her 15th then when I turned 40. I guess I am going to have to find a way to deal because it is coming like it or not.
I took some pictures of Bre and Wes the other day (she informed me this morning that it is 4 months today, so cute)...can't wait to play with them and do some scrapbooking, will share when I get them done. Saturday is our all day crop and I am looking forward to some new pictures to work with.
I created a piece of wall are for Crystal and Jake for their baby shower over this last week and it really got my creative juices flowing. Loved the way it turned out, but I forgot to take a picture, bummer.
Spring break is over and the normal schedule returns tomorrow morning bright and early at 6:00am. I love having a regular routine, just wish it could start a little later in the day. Oh well, not complaining really, just not much of an early morning person.
Today is a total PJ day and I am totally enjoying...just doing a little laundry, when that's done I think I might just go read a book. Hope everyone had a safe and happy spring break.


  1. miss you guys... can't wait to see the pictures of bre & wes. can't wait to slow down & breathe & catch up with you guys in a few weeks... I NEED IT! hopefully you & steph will get to chill a little more this go round.. and i won't be so tired and icky :) i would totally invite myself to your all day saturday crop... were i not driving all over God & creation for wedding festivities...

  2. Feels like forever...the last time we got together. wish I could go on Saturday, but I, too, have wedding festivities. SO excited about the next crop and SO hoping I can get something accomplished. It's such a nice feeling...getting something done. And, yet, it's SO easy for me to do nothing! :D