Friday, June 4, 2010

sweet stuff...

Aren't they the cutest...they were hanging out after school at the store and I snapped this picture. It is hard to believe my baby is a sophomore now. Unbelievable. Wes is such a sweetie and treats her with such respect! These two keep me in stitches most of the time. Love that they are lovin' life! Just had to off for an exciting, inspiring, fun filled weekend, will share some pictures later.


  1. Uhmm, I don't like that picture.
    And you didn't put a title?

  2. Breanna this mom loves this photo of you too! :o)
    Hey Yvonne, could you give a message to Heidi for me since you've got an "in" and she doesn't leave her "post comments" open....I too am a total HSM geek!! (coasters -- not so much - but totally can sing every word to "we're all in this together")
    Miss you guys terrible this weekend w/ Margie....but I'm saving up for the retreat :) Love ya! Melle